Sunday, April 23, 2006

Baby is fine!

Yeah!!!! Turns out baby has constipation from a snack too many of doggie_honey's food. Hmm.. i must think of a way to stop him from eating that. hahahhaa...

in the mean time, Baby will spend his sunday beside the litter box. hahahaha

Baby is ill....

Had a really restless night. I kept up to monitor if Baby visit the litter box. Numerous times, he squat at the litter box and nothing come out. Oh no... :(

Off to the vets we go now. I hope it's nothing...

Sigh... I hate going to vets...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Introducing Tiffany! My God-daughter!!!!

Isn't she lovely? awwww...
She belongs to my friend Doris! And I AM THE GODMOTHER!!!! Woohooo....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cool Cats

Doll, the premier already Birman
Honey the cat-huahua
Beautiful Feodora
Fat but cute Latte
Peeping Baby

Baby Loki aka Goblin

still got auntie miri... no pics... and handsome lor khi.. wahahahaha.....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Alternative views

My parents flew in for a visit the past week. My father is somewhat an animal lover. He likes animals, he will play with my cats and dogs, but here are his views on Baby and Latte, 2 former strays.

He said that stray cats are able to live on their own. And if they were to be back on the streets, they would be grateful that for whatever time we have kept them, they had a home.

Now, is that what most people think when they abandon their cats? That they are stray cats by blood, and thus able to take care of themselves, navigate the traffic, defend themselves against stray dogs... etc. And that by keeping them for a week, a month, and then letting them go, that is doing a good deed?

I feel so demoralised after that conversation with my father.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Random Thoughts

Front page of Home section today, a pet shop was fined $100 for not vaccinating their puppies, causing the death of 4 puppies to virus. S$100 bucks??? AVA must be kidding. Vaccinating 4 puppies would have caused more than 100 bucks... so can a $100 fine be considered a penalty? What is AVA thinking????? The lives of animals in Singapore is really cheap. :( Sigh...

Loki de ma sent me some last photos of loki baby. On one hand I am happy that loki baby now has a home, on the otherhand, it is a bit sad that I will not be seeing him anymore. Oh well... I wish baby loki all the best. Remain cute and be a good boy, k?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Baby Lobster, Lobbie, has migrated to Lobster Heaven.....

With heavy heart, I would like to announce a death in the fuzzy babies family.

Lobbie wasn't fuzzy. He was a really cute and healthy lobster. (technically, it is a crayfish). He religiously eat up the algae in his tank, and spends his day sitting on his log, finding blood worms to eat.

Last night, Lobbie decided to be adventurous. He climbed out of the tank through the air pump tube. After that he climbed across the table and fell on the floor. Doggie_honey found him... and... Lobbie... migrated to Lobster heaven. I found him in Doggie_honey's toys this morning. Among the teddy bears, I found Lobbie. He looked ok, I put him back into the water, hoping for a miracle, but it was not to be.

The lid was on. I really don't understand how Lobbie could have escaped. I think I will not have another lobster again. I shall bury Lobbie tonight.

Rest in peace, Lobbie. I am sorry. You were a good lobster. :(

Monday, April 10, 2006

Birman Vs Siamese


No less than 10 people said that Doll is a siamese. Doll is actually a Birman. They are so different! Other than the colour, I really don't see how they can be mistaken to be the same breed. *wink*

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Purina Cat Show

Doll is now Premier Nicsha Sheza Doll! Premier at her first Singapore show! Yeay yeay yeay yeay! She is such a show-off cat.. other cats stay IN the cage, she sits ON TOP of the cage! Oh well... hahaha...

Overall, the results are quite good. She was 2nd best, 3rd best, 4th best and 7th best for the 4 rings respectively. Not bad at all, considering she is in her summer coat! Yeay yeay yeay! Well done, Doll!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Saw a minor accident on the way home today. I was driving on the AYE and there was a really bad jam. Two cars before me, a motorcylist suddenly skidded and fell. Luckily, the car behind him stopped in time.

The sweet thing was, the cars to his front, left, right and back all stopped and the drivers came out to check if the motorcyclist is ok. The cars formed a protective ring around the fallen man. The scene brought warmth to my heart. Maybe the world is not as bad as I thought it is.

There is still kindness . :)

Chronicles of Puppyland... so far...

It started with this little doe-eyed creature...

What are you looking at?

The trials of puppyhood.... hahahhaa....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cat show this Sunday

This Sunday is the SCC cat show!!! I have yet to do any preparations... Oh dear... hahahahha....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Adoption Drive!

Guess what I found in my mail today? I am so excited. I think I will go pay Phyllis a visit. The last time was Chinese New Year I think. Every visit to Phyllis' was thoroughly enjoyable. I love Sunshine and Happy too! They are so loving. Most of all, I really admire what Phyllis is doing. Everytime I am there, there are bound to be a sad story or two of abused kittens, or victims of accidents. Many times, the vets suggest putting down the cats but Phyllis time and again nurse them back to health. For those who have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, they cross over not alone, but with Phyllis's love.

It is not easy to get over death. When Feodora died, I wanted to give up all my cats, because I didn't think I could invest my love and experience another loss again. I am so glad that I didn't. Taking care of my babies was actually part of the grieving process, but Phyllis has to handle this so often. In many cases, the cats/kittens were abused and they suffer such pain. How Phyllis can have the strength to handle all these, plus to shoulder all the paramount vet fees is beyond me. She has my utmost respect.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I am sooo cute!!!!!!!!

Went over to my friend's hostel room to have a look at her new found kitten. OMG! It is soooo uber cute lor! It has a really cute tail. I brought over my birman Doll, and he was all puffed up, trying to act aggressive! The tail was like a brush! Hahaha... it was so so funny. Doll is so much bigger than him. Tiny fearless boy! ahhahaa... the bigger ginger is the handsome loki! i wish Baby can be more masculine, like loki. Hmmm...

I can't help gushing over him... what a cute baby... really want to bring him home. BUt.... oh well....
He is really clever. He knows how to find the litter box automatically. He also suckles Loki. kekekekeke....
He will be up for adoption soon I think. Please spread the words. This cutie really deserves a good home.
All photos copyrighted of PimPbABy3. kekeke.. thanks dear! I love baby loki!!!! oh ya.. and loki too, of coz! hahahah....


Watched Rent over the weekend. One of the nicest movies I have watched recently. Really liked Angel from the movie. Only love matters.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Latte a bad ass?

A friend who visited my cats the other day commented that Latte is a bad ass. Well, I have to admit, he is quite aggressive. He will come over to play, but after awhile, he decides that he has had enough and will swap with his paws and bite really hard.

It would be really hard to imagine this agressive little creature... ok.. fat creature... hahha... used to be the sweetest little cat on earth. He would let people hold him forever, carry him in an position, stroke him... anything. He really tolerates any kind of handling.

However, one fateful Chinese New Year, my father's friends kids played really rough with Latte. They dangled him from his back legs. Latte is quite chubby, that must have really hurt! Nobody did anything to stop those kids, by the time I took Latte away, harm is already done. Physically he is alright, but mentally, he is no longer the innocent, friendly little cat.

We saw a 180 degrees change in his behaviour. He became very agressive. If you touch him when he is moody, he will bite. If you walk pass him when he is in a bad mood, he will jump on your foot and bite. When you carry him to his room when he doesn't want to go back yet, he will bite. Occasionally, he will display he usual sweet self, coming to you for a pat. But he is far from the sweet cat that he once was. That was 2 chinese new year ago. Today, he will initiate play, but once it gets too excited, the agressiveness comes back. I believe he no-longer trust humans totally.

It's rather sad to hear people comment that he is a bad cat. He isn't. Cruelty made him mean. And to think it happened in my own home! I hope with kindness, Latte will be back to what he was.