Friday, November 30, 2007

Cuppy is going for Obedience training

That's IT! I am sending cuppy for obedience training. I have asked my sister to send him for ages. Even offer to pay and ferry them to the trainings, she and her bf still procrastinate. Now that she is happily in US, I am stuck here with a super strong and NOT TRAINED dog.

I was told Cuppy was vaccinated early this year. I went down to Mt Pleasant at Sunset Way to collect a duplicate copy of the cert since they lost the original. I was told his last vaccination was 16 Nov. I confidently told the nurse 'No Lah! early this year. can you check again?' she printed out for me and YES! IT's 16th NOV 2006! *(&@%^*#*) i called my sister in Buffalo... she verified, ya, last nov.. DAMN DAMN DAMN. the clinic takes last walk in at 4pm. It was 315pm and I was there Cuppy-less. I drove home down Ulu Pandan at 90km/h. Pissed and driving like an angry woman. Opened the door, leashed a desperately happy Cuppy and drove at 90km/h back to clinic. The clinic was empty when I left it at 315. when i go back at 330, it was filled!!!! I am not joking. in the 15 min that i was away, 8-10 people arrived at the clinic, all with small dogs or cats. Cuppy was mad with joy! the dog owners instinctively shield their dogs from cuppy. I couldn't hold on to him in my heels. Luckily the staff at the clinic helped me. 3 strong men. that's the number of pple requred to hold him down. I am pissed because

  1. I was there with Cuppy just last week. If I had been informed that he has not been vaccinated, I could do it at the same time, and not waste another trip.
  2. Cuppy is a VERY VERY strong dog. It's not his fault for jumping on every single person or dog. He is just happy but doesn't know how to express it in an acceptable doggie fashion. It's the owners' fault for not training him since young. And I HAVE BEEN OFFERING AND OFFERING TO PAY AND CHAUFFER YOU THERE!!!!!! You just need to be there with cuppy.

If my sister is reading this, I do love Cuppy very much. He is a very nice dog. BUT, I HAVE MY OWN WORK OBLIGATIONS AND MY OWN BABIES TOO!!!!!!

This time, I am sending him for behaviour training. I WILL SEE TO IT PERSONNALLY! And this time as a punishment, it's NOT FREE! You better pay me back when you come back. I hope it will help you learn to be responsible for your own dog.


From a VERY ANGRY sister

p/s: a very very sincere thanks to all the staff at mt pleasant sunset way. Thanks.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Friday Off

Taking the Friday off to spend some time with all the babies. Cuppy is going off to M&M this saturday. :( Spartan is nursing a diarrhea.

The cats need a bath, and the house need some cleaning up.

Long weekend, here I come!

Sweet Natured Kitten up for adoption

His sad story will come later. He is very handsome and slightly less than a year old only. Please consider giving him a permanent loving home.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

my cuppy

just to show how adorable & lovable my cuppy is.

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show him some love care and concern becoz his daddy is gg back taiwan for 2 weeks, his mommy is in usa studying, his grandmama is coming back, so his godma has no choice but put him in boarding for 2 weeks.


i miss u cuppy. :(

Mom's coming to town

My mom is flying in for a visit next week. She is terrified of Cuppy. Will have to board him at Mutt's & Mittens for 2 weeks. Hope he will do OK. Argghhh...

Anyone visiting M&M please give Cuppy a pat or throw him a ball. He will return the gesture with lots of love. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random quote

Samuel Butler said: The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but will make a fool of himself too.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday blues

Just feel like screaming....................... ARGGGHHHHHHH

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Finally... after close to a month, Honey Cuppy and Spartan are getting along fine. Honey is the alpha dog, followed by cuppy and lastly spartan.

It's quite funny to watch. Cuppy will actually wait for honey to eat first. the size of his head is enough to push honey away, but he will only eat when honey walks off. If he trys to steal a bite or two, honey will snap at his face and he will run off and watch from a distance! My little honey dominates over big Cuppy! Way to go girl! hahaha... it was quite sweet to watch when cuppy protected the 2 CHH at the west coast dog run last sunday. some other dogs were happily chasing them around. Honey was getting a bit irritated and started growling. And that is the cue for cuppy to the rescue. He playfully chase all the 'invaders' away! aww....

Introduction to the cats went ok. The cats want nothing to do with cuppy. Everywhere cuppy goes, cats scatter... well... no fur is lost... i assume that is alright. It will be ages (if that day ever comes) before I can let cuppy and the cats be together unattended...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

2 long years

Tomorrow, it would have been 2 whole years since Feodora passed away.

Time heals all wounds, but the wounds heal so slowly.

I can talk about her now casually without crying. But writing this post brings back such raw pain that I cannot really explain. In a way, I do want to move on. I have my other babies to love, but a part of me does not want to let go. I don't want to forget her. I wonder where she is now. I wonder if the Rainbow bridge really exists. I miss her so much. Her soft fur, her gentle purr, her playful growl, her cute chirps...

If only I have the chance to spend another day with her... I will tell her how much I love her.. and how much she is missed.

Work... doesn't matter. If only... ...

PS3 vs Fuzzy Babies

Just spent a bomb grooming my car. Cuppy peed on my car seat on the way to the dog run last thursday. I could have bought myself that PlayStation 3 many times over now, with all those money that I spend replacing chewed cushion, grooming the 'Dirtiest Lady Driven Car' as my trusty car groomer would say, and replacing my mom's chewed slippers....

Well... but the PS 3 will not wait patiently at the door for me to come back home everyday, and be so desperately happy to see me. Haha...

Ok... PS3 0: Fuzzy Babies 1

Friday, November 09, 2007


It has been a really hectic week. Weekend is here again!

Dog run at pet movers anyone? Sunday morning! Really looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tiring morning at West Coast park dog run

Bring cuppy+honey+spartan out at the same time is not easy. Thanks to my hubby who volunteered to go with me.

Cuppy was running around the house with a ball in his mouth, the squeaky kind of ball. I was like... ya ya, i get it. dog run.

The moment he was released from his leash, he was like a prisoner given his freedom. He ran and ran and ran. There was a lady with a french bulldog, and a guy with his cocker spaniel. It rained quite heavily this morning, so the ground was really muddy. The dogs had a hell of a good time. Before long, they were all brown and caked with mud. Cuppy even lay down in the middle of a puddle. ULTIMATE GROSSNESS!

But seeing them run about so happily, i can't help joining in the fun. I ran like a crazy woman on the field, with 5 dogs racing with me. It was muddy, but fun! Super fun! that's a dog's life.

I am really exhausted right now. Cuppy is still full of energy. Oh well!!!!! Honey and cuppy are still not best of friends. They can tolerate each other, but the comfort distance is around 30 cm. Any closer, they will start barking!!!! hope things will be better soon.