Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to ALL!

Merry Christmas to all my friends!

From Whole Family of Fuzzy Babies!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I put down a cat today. It wasn't my cat. It was a stray cat that a forumer found. He took it to the vet and posted for anyone to take over the care as he couldn't support it anymore. I went down to the vet's. The cat was very very affectionate. Even though it must have been suffering with the long list of problems it is suffering from. Her rescuer named her Felicia. I wanted to help. But in the end I couldn't. She was suffering from some neural problems, her head is tilted and she walks around in circles. She was dehydrated and had a very bloated stomach. She also is yellow, sign of jaundice. The diagnostic tests itself would cost more than a thousand dollars. Her condition will require surgery to her brain, which will cost somemore. She also require treatment for her possible liver problem. Not to mention the fip possibility. :(

So after discussion with her rescuer, we decided to let her go. I only knew Felicia for the last hr of her life... but, she had already endear herself to us.

Rest in peace Felicia darling. May you be in a happy place now free from suffering. I am so sorry I couldn't do much except accompany you in your final journey. Say hi for me to my darling Feodora at Rainbow Bridge,ya! Remember that you are loved. Will miss your loving spirit.

Winter Wonderland Cat show aftermath

Had a very very long day at cat show yesterday. Doll Doll was BEST CAT IN PREMIERSHIP!!!! The little queen was interviewed on Suria too! Haha... Our new girl Hermies did us proud. She did lose to her sister, but her calm and friendly nature at the show indicates many more shows to come.

Had a really good time chatting with viv, viv's dad, bast and ernie.

Will try to be more ready for next show. New show curtains, perhaps!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long Live the Queen

Just went to M&Ms to extend Cuppy's stay. My mum aka the Queen, has decided to stay long. Cohen kindly offered to take in my mum for boarding so that Cuppy can go home. Well well... hahaha.... reluctantly I have to decline. Haha... just joking mum! just in case you are reading! :P

Visited cuppy. He looks ok. A bit sad when I leave. He didn't even want to chew his raw hide bone... :( poor boy. He must be feeling lonely and thinking that this 'camping' trip is too long. Sigh... Good news is, Cohen said he is walking quite well with him. This saturday will be my turn to try. hee...

Really looking forward to weekend. Cuppy can have a good run then. No rains hopefully.